"We All count"

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President Trump


Nathan Deal


John Lewis

Georgia 5th District Congressman


Hank Johnson For U.S. Representative for Georgia's 4th congressional district



The Voter Information Project

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"Make Your Vote Count"

"We All count"

Avotet Love Radio we are always seeking ways to keep you informed about what's really happening! One of our latest offerings is the "Voter Information Project" (VIP).  A version of this new project was launched during the recent Atlanta City elections.  2017 will bring us Georgia elections for state offices as well as congressional & National races.  VIP will post information and interviews with the candidates so that you will be well informed and able to make good choices when it comes down to Election Day. Love Radio is very pleased that we can be of service to you in this way.  The 2017 voting season will be filled with many issues that are crucial to our recovery from the economic climate we are now in.  The upcoming state elections will determine our leaders for the next two to four years as we continue down the road to economic recovery in our city, state and nation.







Atlanta City Councilwoman. Bottoms, an attorney and legal analyst, joined the Council in January 2010 and is executive director of the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority. Website:






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